Irana Afroz is best known for her expressionism style of Mixed-Media Abstract Art and realism to Surreal colorful Landscapes. Her paintings are insightful, subtle in color exhibition and intuitive with an aesthetic sensibility.


"The Straight Path"

A journey into the world of colors. Poured my love in this art process. Each stroke represents events from memory lane. Tons of paint layers in composition creating textures. Numerous tiny detailed drawings and brush strokes have been put up. I have used the Golden Ratio art technique, many artists may find the exact calculation if they try finding it with a measuring tape and may find it accurate in drawing perspectives. 💖An art piece very close to my heart and an original masterpiece, residing in it’s beautiful forever home. 🎬Tried to capture some glimpses while painting this.
“Drops of Happiness”

Who doesn’t love to relax and enjoy the mountain view, sitting beside a lake & smell the cool breeze? How about utilizing the emotional senses of being in the nature and pour your love into creative process? Would never wanna miss any opportunity to pick my paints and brushes in such blessed times and start creating an art piece. 😃Here I am creating compositions on ceramic with alcohol ink. This cute little art enthusiast is my niece Aaria, assisting and learning the art process. 🖼 These ceramic coaster art pieces are available @apikartgallery and on my website link in bio. 💫Custom color choices for coaster art as well as mugs art can be requested as well. Please DM to book yours now.
"Breeze from Sulphur Mountain"

Took an adventurous hike & Discovered another stunning view from the peak of Sulphur Mountain... inhaled the sweet breeze from top... couldn’t take off my eyes until I started painting on the canvas.... poured my astonishment of these enchanting views surrounded by these Rockies. The composition is an abstract expression landscape with acrylic using palette knives.

🏔This one of a kind original art piece can enhance the beauty of your home & will bring the glimpses and touches of Canadian Rocky Mountains.
“ Life Stories “

Each of us have our very own stories.. some are expressed and some are hidden inside our hearts. It’s amazing how we feel pain seeing someone in agony, how we feel the joy seeing someone happy , how laughter becomes contagious and can brighten up our days. How the life stories are being cherished in our memories.
Here I am ... thinking about the emotions we behold in our own ways. Portraying the stories of our lives. Each cube represents a unique experience and unique story. This large artwork on canvas contains a meaningful concept. After this #pandemic2020 many of us have realized things that we never considered as blessings .
So many times we forgot to be humbled; to be grateful and took things for granted. But this #lockdownlife allowed us to just sit back and discover things we are running after, ignoring things we’re entitled for, be thankful for and be content for.
I am ever so grateful to have each single blessing i have now for real, in disguise and hopeful for the ones that will come on my way in future. Alhamdulillah.
How can we deny the gifts from our creator?
"3 Seasons"

Mixed media art form with oil & acrylic paints. 🍁Starting with Fall season ❄️then moving into Winter. 🍃finally ending up into Summer. 🔄 It’s an on going process cycle we experience every year. I incorporated few elements that continued throughout all the seasons namely the river stream, the pathway, trees and mountains. 🖼Each season reminds us of unforgettable memories and inspires us to get going to create new ones. 🎨This large art piece sizing 26”x50” is residing with a loving family. 🏵I cordially thank you all for always encouraging me & supporting me with your kind words. Please keep doing so as I need it. 😃please tag 🏷 your dear ones sighting which season reminds you of them and jump into new plans with them soon again.
Excited, pleased and thrilled to announce that original paintings by "Irana Afroz Art" are displayed and available to purchase at Apik Art Gallery located at Eau Claire Market, Calgary. 😄

As a visual artist, seems yesterday but its already have been 2 decades I am painting and doing what I love.
It feels like one of my dreams became true. All praise & thanks to Allah ( may He put more baraka and blessings in these endeavors Ameen). 👩‍🎨 Feeling very fortunate and glad that my art collection and art experiences getting an exposure among other talented and brilliant visual Artists in the city. 🎆

I cordially thank two special artists from @apikartgallery , Parvin & Tara, without their encouragement and support it would haven't been possible. So glad that I met you. Thank you so very much 💛🙂
..................... ✨

My parents visited Apik Art Gallery and loved the place, suggested me ideas for the art disply. Last but not least thanks to my betterhalf and my little one for all their selfless help & support ❤❤ 😀😄 Thanks to all of you who love my artworks and appreciates me. Your encouragements means a lot to me. Please keep supporting me and keep me in your prayers. 🤲

With the lovely and talented students of SHADD19 😀.
Had a successful and fruitful Art session at the University of Calgary AB Canada. ***Enjoy the world of Art as you see around ***❤❤❤❤❤❤❤